Avatars can be earned in various different ways. Some can be gained through crafting recipes. Others are awarded when certain items are purchased.

Note: This list is not complete.

Available Avatars Edit

Avatar aardwolf Aardwolf Purchase the Aardwolf Wolf Dye
Avatar african wild dog African Wild Dog Purchase the African Wild Dog Wolf Dye
Albino Purchase the Albino Dragon Dye
Avatar arctic fox Arctic Fox Purchase the Marbled Kitsune Dye
Avatar arctic kitsune Arctic Kitsune Purchase the Arctic Kitsune Dye
Avatar arid desert Arid Desert Craft the Arid Desert Background
Avatar autumn leaves Autumn Leaves Craft the Autumn Forest Background
Ball Python Purchase the Ball Python Dragon Dye
Avatar black wolf Black Wolf Purchase the Black Wolf Dye
Avatar cacti Cacti Craft the New World Desert Background
Avatar colorful Colorful Craft the Rainbow Path Background
Copperhead Purchase the Copperhead Dragon Dye
Avatar daytime savannah Daytime Savannah Craft the Morning Savannah Background
Avatar desert cliffs Desert Cliffs Craft the Calm River Background
Avatar ethiopian wolf Ethiopian Wolf Purchase the Ethiopian Wolf Dye
Extinct Extinct Purchase the Falkland Island Wolf Dye
Avatar fennec fox Fennec Fox Purchase the Fennec Kitsune Dye
Avatar forest creek Forest Creek Craft the Forest Creek Background
Avatar forest mountain Forest Mountain Craft the Grassy Mountain Background
Avatar forest river Forest River Craft the Canyon Background
Avatar jackal Jackal Purchase the Jackal Wolf Dye
Lune Lune Be in the top 10 in sending pets on missions for Lune
Avatar maned Maned Purchase the Maned Wolf Dye
Avatar misty fields Misty Fields Craft the Misty Plains Background
Avatar moonlit lake Moonlit Lake Craft the Cavern Lake Background
Avatar mountain cave Mountain Cave Craft the Cave View Background
Avatar mountain lake Mountain Lake Craft the Great Lake Background
Avatar mountainous savannah Mountainous Savannah Craft the Savannah Hills Background
Avatar night baobabs Night Baobabs Craft the Mystic Baobabs Background
Avatar night oasis Night Oasis Craft the Midnight Oasis Background
Avatar pink petals Pink Petals Craft the Cherry Trees Background
Playful Playful Default
Avatar plateau Plateau Craft the Desert Bluffs Background
Avatar quiet savannah Quiet Savannah Craft the Midnight Shrubland Background
Avatar red fox Red Fox Purchase the Red Kitsune Dye
Avatar red wolf Red Wolf Purchase the Red Wolf Dye
Avatar refreshing Refreshing Craft the Sandy Oasis Background
Avatar silver fox Silver Fox Purchase the Silver Kitsune Dye
Sol Sol Be in the top 10 in sending pets on missions for Sol
Avatar snowy peaks Snowy Peaks Craft the Snowy Mountaintop Background
Avatar tanuki Tanuki Purchase the Tanuki Wolf Dye
Avatar timber wolf Timber Wolf Purchase the Timber Wolf Dye
Avatar volcanic Volcanic Craft the Cretaceous Volcano Background
Avatar waterfall Waterfall Craft the Hidden Waterfall Background

Retired Avatars Edit

These avatars can no longer be earned.

Sunrise Sunrise Awarded to members for having 200 or more posts in the Pre-Alpha forums by July 2014.
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