Dog Story Intro Edit

When you join Clanheart and initially select your creature of choice, you’re taken through an introduction of your alpha finding their new territory. Under the cut is the introduction for the Dog pack.

A warm breeze had settled over the damp paving,the sounds of the night still bouncing in the air. The scent of many crossed over others and over more again. The newest scent though,was that of the galaxy coloured dog. It snarled lightly,the feeling of a collar still ripe in its mind. It had escaped from its owner who had no need for a dog anymore. It definitely wasn't going stay if its owner had no need. A car zoomed by it, startling the dog. The dog trotted on after recovering. It had been hours ago when it had said goodbye to its dear friend.
It turned its head,floppy ears shaking as it broke into a galaxy coloured blur to reach the desolate house,clearly abandoned. All caution was thrown away as the dog ran as fast as it could to reach it. Wind whistled through the open door,however the inside was warm. The dog had no idea a den as good as this could ever exist.
It searched the house,mapping out the territory. It was hidden well and no predator would ever think of coming here. The dog could see mice scurrying to and fro and a storage of water at the back was perfect for living.
Yes. This would be home.

Dog Bases Edit

No bases yet

Gathering Edit

These items can be gathered by dogs in any spot in the territory.

Day and Night Edit

  • Clump of Hay
  • Cobweb
  • Mouse Skull
  • Mouse Tail
  • Twig

Night only Edit

  • Trash
  • Rat Paw
  • Rat Skull
  • Large Leaf
  • Small Leaf

Prey Edit

These items can be found by dogs in any prey asset.

Level 1 and above Edit

  • Spider

Level 2 and above Edit

  • Mouse
  • Vole

Level 3 Edit

  • Rat

Herbs Edit

These items can be gathered by dogs in herb assests.

Level 1 and above Edit

  • Mint

Level 2 and above Edit

  • Spearmint
  • Peppermint

Level 3 Edit

  • Rasberry
  • Lily

Quarry Edit

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