Image Event Description Effect
Item leaves
Leaves A huge pile of leaves beckons you. You just can't resist! You back up, growl at the leaves, then launch yourself forward into the pile. none
Fallen log
Log You notice another, rather attractive individual up ahead. As you strut forward to investigate, you stumble over a log. Ooops! none
Bear skull
Skull You find a skull on the edge of your territory. At first it scares you, but after you take a closer look, you realize there's some StarDust inside. Awesome! awards small amount of StarDust
Item thunder ability
Thunderstorm A thunderstorm crackles overhead. Lightning sends bright flashes through your den, disturbing you and your clan. You shudder through the chilly rain and the booming thunder until morning. none
Cane toad
Toad The toads are extra loud today outside your hollow. You eventually have to get up and chase them away so you can finally get some sleep. none
Triceratops skull
Triceratops Skull On the edge of your territory, you find a bleached white skull. Beneath it is a hidden stash of StarDust! After a little help from other clanmembers, you push the skull over and get the dust. awards small amount of StarDust
Wasp A sudden pain explodes in your shoulder. Ouch! A wasp stung you! As you're running away, you drop a bit of StarDust. Dang! takes a small amount of StarDust
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